Frac Tank Spray Foam Insulation for Cold Weather Energy Saving
Frac Tank Spray Foam Cold Weather Savings
EOG Resources uses over 100 Frac Tanks in their drilling operation and during extreme cold conditions in North Dakota the cost of heating and reheating these tanks is immense. EOG contacted us to investigate the potential energy and dollar savings if the tanks were insulated with spray foam.

After undergoing the spray foam process the spray foam insulated tank and a non insulated tank were both filled with water and heated to 110°.
Both tanks were left outside with no further reheating to record temperature loss. This side-by-side field testing was done on 2-18-2010.

There is no question that the performance of a spray foam insulated Frac Tank is far superior to that of an uninsulated tank. The spray foam insulated Frac Tank maintained its initial 110° temperature for 24 hours, after 9 days the temperature was still at 94°. The non insulated tank fell 25° within the first 24 hours and after 2 days, with the water temperature at 52°, was emptied as it was losing about 1° per hour. Outside air temperatures during the testing averaged 20°.

Based on its 24 hour temperature loss the energy use of the non insulated Frac Tank was calculated:
  • 110° - 85° = 25° temperature loss in 24 hours
  • 25° X 8.337 pounds of H2O per gallon X 21,000 gallons of water per tank = 5,252,312 BTU’s in 24 hours
  • If 90% efficiency for the boiler = 59.85 gallons of LPG
  • At $2.00 per gallon LPG = $120 per day
  • $120 per day X 30 days = $3600 monthly
  • 100 frac tanks X $3600 monthly = $360,000 potential monthly savings*
* actual saving may vary, savings will be greatest during cold weather months

Frac Tank Thermal Performance Test

Frac Tank Spray Foam Insulation Thermal Performance Test

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