Frac Tank Spray Foam Insulation for Cold Weather Energy Saving
Frac Tank Spray Foam Insulation for Cold Weather Energy Saving
Frac With Ease In Cold Weather
Reducing the amount of energy needed to heat your frac tanks returns significant monthly savings.
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Frac Tank Spray Foam Insulation
Our 3-step process for reduced energy usage.
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We're Green!
The application and products are eco-friendly.
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Frack Tank Spray Foam Insulation
Frac Tanks are used to store heated water for injection into an oil well along with a sand or synthetic material which, under extreme pressure and volume, fractures the strata allowing the oil and gas to flow more easily to enable pumping to the surface.

These tanks are commonly made of single wall steel and hold 500 barrels of water or about 21,000 gallons. The tanks are transported empty, moved in place in a row next to the drilling rig, filled with water and heated by a mobile boiler fired with Liquid Propane Gas.

With Heatlok-Soy spray foam applied to these Frac Tanks, daily energy usage can be greatly reduced, especially in cold weather months. The spray foam insulation allows the tanks to hold their temperature longer, significantly reducing the amount of energy needed to keep the contents of the tank heated throughout the day.

Take advantage of our spray foam process and let us insulate your Frac Tanks today, then sit back and enjoy the energy savings like these clients are.

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